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Solar2015- Battery Storage Design for Grid Connected Systems

Our Presentation from Solar 2015 is now online. Read what the latest Tesla announcement means for battery storage design for grid-connected systems. In this presentation we show how in the most favourable residential case, payback approaching 7 years can be offered. Learn how 7kWh of storage is sufficiently large for most households, what different charging and discharging […]

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A Tale of 2 States


Just as NSW recently broke the long drought of wins in state of origin, they’ve also made some impressive changes in PV market share! This month, NSW overtook Queensland to become the #1 state in Australia for PV. A lot of this is to do with commercial sales, but it’s also about the maturity of […]

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The SunWiz Commercial Solar Database

The SunWiz commercial solar database is about gathering information on PV systems across Australia (which exceed 10kW in total capacity). The idea here is to show what’s going on in the commercial sector with regards to solar. Who is the commercial solar database for? So we’ve gathered a heap of data on solar installations around […]

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2014 Australian PV Market Wrap

Sunny’s Report Card for 2014 If the life of a child named “Sunny” was used as an analogy for the Australian Solar Industry, 2008 would be the birth. 2009-2011 would represent its infant years of fits and starts, growth spurts, testing its independence from its governmental parents. 2012 was the year of wild excitement that a […]

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Australia installs more solar power than Germany… again!

It may come as a surprise to many, but Australia installed more solar power than Germany in 2011. Australia set a similar accomplishment in 2010 too, and looks on track to do so again in 2012. So why aren’t we hearing more news about this Australian solar success? Well, as far as headline totals go, […]

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Solar Forecast for AEMO

SunWiz (supported by Solar Business Services) was commissioned by the Australian Energy Market Operator to produce a forecast of uptake of rooftop PV in NEM connected regions. Download The text of the executive summary is repeated below. Within Australia, the deployment of solar power has been up until now largely overlooked by parties modelling Australia’s […]

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