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NEXTDC M1 Data Centre

NEXTDC M1 Data Centre

This time lapse video of NEXTDC’s data centre in Port Melbourne, Victoria, presents a stunning visual of its rooftop being covered by solar panels.

The 400kW NEXTDC M1 Data Centre project carried out by Energy Matters’ installation team was unveiled in December 2013.


Award-winning REC solar panels, Fronius inverters and SunLock mounting systems have been used in the installation. SunLock equipment is designed and developed by Energy Matters’ sister company, Apollo Energy, and manufactured in Australia.

The array includes:

    • 1,575 REC 255W Solar Panels utilising almost 4000 M2 of roof area
    • 9 Fronius CL series inverters
    • 10 km of DC cable
    • 6.3 km of SunLock mounting rail

This massive solar panel system generates enough electricity to power 88 Australian homes and will significantly reduce NEXTDC’s running costs in terms of energy.

When the project was originally announced in 2012, NEXTDC said it aimed to lead the Australian ICT (Information and Communications Technology) sector in solar power generation and energy efficiency.

NEXTDC’s purpose-built facilities throughout Australia have been designed to address the market’s growing need for energy-efficient, independent data centers in which organisations can host their critical IT infrastructure, and also to address the growth of cloud computing.

What is the largest privately funded rooftop system in Australia (as at December 2013) is a taste of things to come in the nation’s commercial solar sector.

Article courtesy: Energy Matters


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