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Parliament House of Australia

Parliament House of Australia

Todae Solar was selected with Silex Solar by the Department of Parliamentary Services (DPS) to install solar panels at the Australian Parliament House in Canberra. The chosen solar system was a 43kW split solution to be installed on the roofs of the Senate wing and the Gardener’s compound. Todae Solar in conjunction with Silex Solar set out to complete a site-specific engineered and integrated installation.

Todae Solar has received two prestigious awards for our Parliament House Installation – The Clean Energy Council’s Best Installation Above 10kW’s 2012 and the Department of Parliamentary Services Excellence Rating in the Contractor Performance Report. See more here.


Case Study for:
Parliament House of Australia – Canberra

  • Location

    2600 (ACT)
  • System Size

    43.00 kW
  • Inverter Brand

  • Panel Brand

  • Installer Name

    Silex/Todae Solar
  • Installer Website

  • Other Companies Involved

    Silex, SMA, Clenergy, Todae Solar, Clenergy
  • Project financing

  • Commissioned

    Jan, 2011
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