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SunWiz can help your business decide which solar installer to choose

shutterstock_102143875 So you want to install solar power on your business. Half of the hassle is choosing the right solar installer. Choose right and you can get a highly-performing system that delivers you an ROI that exceeds 20%. But many people choose wrong, and wind up buying a system that fails within 5 years, and then find they bought from a business that went bankrupt.   It really isn't simple to decide between the solar proposals that may be sitting on your desk. How are you supposed to know which panels are good, which inverters will last, and which solar businesses have commercial solar experience and good long-standing reputation? Don't ruin you investment - get solar advice from an trusted solar expert. We will review the proposals you've received and offer guidance about which one best meets your purchasing requirements.   The cost is $600 ex GST for systems exceeding 50kW in size, and $300 ex GST for systems less than 50kW in size. This investment will minimise your risk of making a bad investment.

Which provider should I choose ?

SunWiz can also calculate the ROI you can expect to receive - click here for more information.  

Why engage SunWiz to become your Trusted Solar Expert Advisor?

SunWiz has been operating in Australia since 2009 and is Australia’s leading solar consultancy. We operate as an independent solar expert and are very proud to have some of the best knowledge about solar power available. Here are some of the reasons you can trust our advice:
  1. We have been voted to represent the solar industry on the Leadership Committee of the Clean Energy Council
  2. We are the Chair of the Domestic PV Directorate
  3. We develop the software that is the industry gold-standard for ROI calculation.
  4. Our clients include most major solar manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, and retailers
  5. We advise federal, state, and local governments
  6. We advise banks, financiers, and new market entrants
  7. We contribute to the Australian PV Institute
  8. We contribute to the Australian Solar Council
  9. We are deeply involved in Solar Citizens
  10. We’ve won awards for best design of a solar system
We are passionate about the Australian Solar Industry. It truly sickens us when we see customers getting duped by solar cowboys, for this threatens the reputation of the whole industry. So we want YOU to have a good experience with solar power.

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