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Premium Features

Why you should get a premium membership to our site

Our site membership offers a range of valuable benefits to users. Premium membership unlocks the powerful search & filtering potential of our site. In addition to the standard features of site membership, premium membership also allows you to:

  • Search by project postcode location
  • Search by project installer
  • Search by customer business category
  • Search by project inverter brand
  • Search by project solar panel brand
  • Create case studies which showcase your projects
  • Filter projects based on installation date

With this combination of functionality, you can get an incredible insight into the commercial solar market. As an installer, you can see what your competition is up to and find areas with high commercial solar uptake.

What are the standard membership features?

Standard membership gives you the opportunity to be involved in our site as an active solar installer, customer looking at getting solar or other solar industry member. Here’s what you get with standard site membership:

  • FREE account
  • Create projects (unlimited)
  • Claim existing projects and update them (unlimited)