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Roi Calculation

solarROI - Commercial Financial Evaluation of Solar Power Systems

Expert independent calculation of the financial return from a solar power investment Dollar-Sign-Solar-Panels What return can you expect from a solar power system? While many questionable solar salesmen will promise you a fortune, solar financial analysis depends upon many factors and only SunWiz can account for them all. We perform an hour-by-hour analysis of solar production for your roof, accounting for your hourly consumption in each moment and hourly tariff variations. Our financial analysis can incorporate the cost of equipment upkeep and complex electricity tariffs, system performance reduction, and lease/mortgage finance. We deliver to you a professional report that communicates the expected true payback, Return on Investment (ROI), Net Present Value (NPV) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of your solar investment. We calculate your expected bill reduction, and (crucially) provide the most accurate possible assessment of whether your solar power will be consumed on site or wasted on the grid.

Invest with confidence... convincing analysis communicated in language you understand

Did you know that an incorrectly sized solar power system can under-deliver on promised deliveries? Cover your risk by obtaining an independent financial analysis from SunWiz, Australia's trusted solar independent expert. Whether you are an end-customer or a solar business looking to deliver a winning professional proposal, SunWiz can help. View a sample report.

Trust SunWiz

SunWiz has been performing financial analysis of the returns from PV systems since its inception. The highly-acclaimed PVsell software we developed has been used in over 10,000 project evaluations by hundreds of solar businesses. Our services are trusted by the Australian Energy Market Operator, Clean Energy Regulator, Clean Energy Council, and leading solar power companies. We do not provide financial advice, we provide facts and figures and trusted calculations upon which you can base your own financial decision.

How to Order

The price for individual analyses is $225 ex GST. This price includes evaluation of the best system size and orientation, and incorporation of consumption data that you provide (if available). Please place an order using the button below and we will contact you to obtain the information we need to proceed.