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The SunWiz Commercial Solar Database

The SunWiz Commercial Solar Database

The SunWiz commercial solar database is about gathering information on PV systems across Australia (which exceed 10kW in total capacity). The idea here is to show what’s going on in the commercial sector with regards to solar.

Who is the commercial solar database for?

So we’ve gathered a heap of data on solar installations around the country and created a platform where you can see it (at least some of it – depending on your membership level). Who benefits here?

  • End customers – The commercial solar database gives you a few things. One of them is a clear view of what’s going on in your state, your area and your industry. Another thing it gives you is honesty – we aren’t fudging any facts here. What you see on our commercial solar database is what we’ve found. This is as accurate as it can be.
  • Solar Installers – If you want to move into the commercial space, or you want to find more commercial customers, we can help you. With a membership to our commercial database site, you can access these benefits:
    • List or revise your own projects. This forms a showcase of your projects to anyone searching your company on our site.
    • Search for projects in your region to find out more about your competitors
    • Search projects by business category and see which industries are installing solar and where
    • Enhance your SEO and build a better online presence
  • Solar Manufacturers & Wholesalers – For manufacturers and wholesalers, the growing commercial solar market is crucial to your future business. Here are some of the benefits you’ll find with us:
    • Find out what brands are being used and where
    • Discover which installers are putting in commercial systems and where those systems are
    • Discover installers using brands exclusively vs those who chop and change

Advertising with us

Our advanced advertising works better for everyone! If you’re an advertiser, you can specify your market and target site users who are likely to be interested in your offers. If you’re a visitor, you’re likely to see ads which are interesting to you (especially if you log in).

Database searching – standard

You can use our site to search our database of commercial solar power systems. There are a number of ways to do this. As a free user, you can:

  • Search projects by keyword
  • Search projects by state
  • Search projects by capacity (kW)
  • Sort jobs by a number of different criteria (smallest to largest, newest to oldest, sort by name)

This gives you the ability to get a broad overview of commercial solar in your region.

Database searching – premium

With our premium search options, you can also:

  • Search projects by installer
  • Search projects by solar panel
  • Search projects by inverter
  • Search projects by ANZSIC business category
  • Search projects by postcode

With these search abilities, you can get an enormous amount of insight into which regions to target and which industries to target. You can also see which panels and inverters are being used on commercial systems at the postcode level. And of course seeing which installers are engaged in commercial solar and what types of jobs they are installing.

Free Membership

A free membership to our commercial database site gives you the ability to showcase your commercial solar projects and to claim projects as your own. When you claim projects, you are then able to update them if you find any details are missing or if you want your projects to stand out from the crowd. You can add photos and descriptions to your projects too.

Premium (paid) Membership

Our premium site membership gives you loads of benefits, including:

  • Advanced database searching abilities
  • Case study creation for projects
  • Installer showcase/profile page
  • Access to featured project status
  • More exciting features coming soon!